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2013-08-19 05:30:50 by TruBluFoxx


New Stuffs...

2013-02-13 16:33:59 by TruBluFoxx

Out with the old, and in with the new!

Some powerful shit there.

also, pic, purely because I can...

New Stuffs...

Hell yeah! Ok, so it's been too long, but I have some more pics now. Enough to last for a while.

But y'all should really go post here if you are in to airsoft or paintball.

anyways, pic time!

Some badass metal for your faces....

Happy new year!

2013-01-01 03:51:33 by TruBluFoxx

Best wishes for 2013!

Moar Metal to keep you honest!

Thulcandra is something I found after going back to Pandora :)

aaaand...Fleki, because I have nothing else. I need to go pic hunting soon...

Happy new year!

Merry Christmas everybody!

2012-12-24 20:59:54 by TruBluFoxx

Celebrate with some Death Metal!!

Yeah...that's a shark....

Merry Christmas everybody!

Goin back to some pics!

2012-12-17 03:44:36 by TruBluFoxx

Aightie, Im goin back to pics, hopefully back to every week or two. Also...

Epic tech death!

aand the pic

Goin back to some pics!

Sharpening Our Blades on the Mainstream+ Bungie leaked art!!!

2012-11-26 19:21:42 by TruBluFoxx

New stuff from Eyeconoclast!

Full download (it's an EP) 14mb:
1. Sharpening Our Blades on the Mainstream 3:21
2. Anoxic Waters 4:49
3. XXX-Manifest of Involution 4:18

Epic? Yes!!!

Fuck yeah! Bungie has some awesome concept art that has been leaked!

What bungie has to say:

"Go ahead. Take a peek. It's alright. We weren't quite ready, but we will be soon, and we can't wait to finally show you what we've really been up to.

Stick around, we haven't even started yet."

Sharpening Our Blades on the Mainstream+ Bungie leaked art!!!

Well, Politics....

2012-10-15 20:34:12 by TruBluFoxx


I really hate how people are choosing political sides in this race. It seems more for social matters than political. If your voting for racial, religious, or sexual preferences, then I feel for the future of America. It race should not matter, religion should not matter, and sexual preference should not matter. This whole racial thing is so bad! You should not vote for someone because they are white, black, brown, yellow, blue, pink, green, tan, or any other color in the spectrum. I thought we put race past us. You shouldn't vote for religious purposes. Does the SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE ring a bell? Oh, and another thing, MARRIAGE IS DETERMINED BY THE STATE! I recently heard that it didn't matter because Romney wanted to pass an amendment banning gay marriage. THAT IS UTTER NONSENSE, Obama couldn't even pass a freaking budget! Do you think any candidate could pass an amendment to our founding document? The answer should be: "No!"
Furthermore, to the people who are angered by the tax distribution on the wealthy: Do you know how much 14% of 1 million dollars is? You should if you are eligible to vote! The answer is $140,000! THAT IS THREE TIMES MORE THAN THE AVERAGE AMERICAN MAKES!!!

Choose to vote for who you want to run the country, but please, for the sake of all of us, please make an informed choice based on a belief in the betterment of The United States of America. Chose the candidate based on platform, not birth, on political and economical views, not religious or marital ideals.

TL;DR: If your pick a candidate based on color, or religion, you shame us all with your ignorance.

Your friend,

Well, Politics....

Oracles. Full album

2012-09-05 18:08:17 by TruBluFoxx

Epic stuff.

AP Psych is an awesome class. Other than that, I have nothing. Howabout ya'll?

BTW, Fucklogic, epic bandaid sticking master......

Oracles. Full album

Trapped inside...

2012-08-28 03:59:47 by TruBluFoxx

This Octavarium!

I'm back with a new album. One of my personal favorites, ad home to...well.. the song "Octovarium. My first DT song :)

School has started back up :( Oh well. At least I dont have a day I hate, and AP Psych is fun.

Trapped inside...